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About Us

The Jordanian Society of Obstetricians and gynecologists was founded in 1979 to enable universal and local recognition of obstetric and gynecology practice in Jordan. It advocates continued up-to-date medical practice in the field, in addition to maintaining ethical standards of practice within the medical and social community. The society also aims to provide local practitioners and institutes with diverse international partnership opportunities to support continuous medical education; create research platforms and update them with the most recent advances in the practice.

 Today, the society proudly nurtures more than six specialized sub groups with a vision directed at improving accessibility and quality of services provided by obstetricians and gynecologists. This will ultimately serve to equate and elevate the level of healthcare provision to women of Jordan and women seeking health services in Jordan.

Our society also believes in social responsibility and commitment through raising awareness in the community and reaching out to the public through organizational partnerships especially in remote areas suffering from scarcity of qualitative health care.